Monday, September 23, 2013

Open Studio Tour

The girls and I had a lovely weekend, absolutely rain free during the Arvada Open Studio Tours this weekend. I met really great people and many of my friends stopped by to say hi, pick up more cards and even purchase a few of my original paintings! That was lovely too. My girls made fabulous greeters to all of the guests.

I don't think my studio could possible stay this tidy - ever. Only because it was out of use could it be this pretty. Many of these paintings are designated to move on to galleries and exhibits in a week or two, so I plan to enjoy them all up on the wall for just a little while. Do you see those pennant flags hanging on the wall? That's a new product I can't wait to introduce to you. More on that later.
And my favorite compliment of all: A friend came to see my greeting cards for the first time. She read quite a few of them and then she said, "These are like warm cookies coming from the oven- comforting and familiar." Oh my, butterflies, she brought tears to my eyes. What a great kindness.
Love you all and many thanks for supporting my folly,

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  1. Love the girls. Your studio looks as fabulous as your art. Glad you had such a good weekend.