Sunday, September 8, 2013

Welcome to a new format

I've been writing a blog for more than two years.
Really I have.
So this is new, but not new. Everything will be posted on this blog page and over time, I'll gradually add in some of the really great stories and paintings from the last two years. I have paintings, photos and stories about both Women I Might Have Known and Petals, knitting, travel and lots of other art related goodies for anyone who wants to read about Susan Schmitt Art. Can't wait to share them again.


My most recent painting is Dorie's Roses.
I belong to the Arvada Fine Arts Guild, and we recently opened a Membership Exhibit of paintings. Dorie, who is a long standing member and friend brought a cake and a centerpiece. I think that's pretty awesome. The roses, from her garden, were fragrant and beautiful. I took a number of photos of them, and I'm certain I will paint them more than once. Look for this image to be a winter release greeting card in my Petals series.

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